Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Safari

Yesterday I just returned our last borrowed camping item.  I always forget how much work goes into camping and how tired you are when you come home.  But there is something about the quiet, the solitude, and the beauty of nature that keeps us campers coming back for more.  About a week ago we took our summer interns to Queen Elizabeth National park to see some of Uganda’s wild life, other than the rats, snakes and spiders they already had to experience. 

Day one- 

Drive to south to Kasese, and cross the equator.

stop for a cross hemisphere kiss

And Josh is in a gang
Arrive at the park, catch some elephants grazing on the road.  

Set up camp at campsite 3.  I was very surprised to find that this site had both running water and a toilet. + 2 points  (note: toilet also home to birds and wasps)

Warthogs decide the spot next to our tent has delicious grass.

Amazing sunset!

Hotdogs over the fire and a visit from the other campers, because their tent is surrounded by hippos.  

The sky is filled to busting with stars!

We listen to elephants trumpet, hippos grunt, and hyenas whoop as we nod off to sleep.  The moon is so bright we keep waking up and thinking its morning.

Day two- 

Josh and I enjoy breakfast and a mongoose family visit.

they sure are curious little creatures
And have quite a liking for tea

Baking in the heat… no shade at this site -1 point.
thankfully I have a resourceful husband

Lunch at fancy safari lodge.

Michael and his boys on the look out

Interns join us at the camp site.  Then go on a lion hunt.

Evening game drive with the fastest lion siting in my life (maybe 10 minutes)!  And I got to see an adult male lion actually lift his head.   Never seen that before in 10+ safaris!  These are lazy creatures let me tell you. 

Buffalo are not as cool as lions, but they at least get a through the window shot
Then a cub crossed the road on our way out.  Lucky in lions for sure.

Back at the camp we chow down on chili and s’mores.  
Katie gets attacked by resident bird in the bathroom… at least it wasn’t the wasps. 
We make up constellations.  
Tell embarrassing stories round the campfire.  
See shootings stars.  
Moon rises.  Bed time.

Day three- 

Morning game drive.
someone took a hot air balloon ride, but not us
And guess what?

More lions!

Everyone feeling awake now

Back to camp. 
Bacon and eggs over the fire.
Pack up.
Interns go home with Ann and Sarah.

Josh and I, the other Sarah and Ashley head to Kingfisher outside the park to sleep, and enjoy food someone else cooked for us!
never get tired of that view!

Then home again, home again jig-itty jig.