Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Mouse-capades

It is currently Saturday morning. My roommate, Scott, and I were doing the usual saturday mourning tasks such as make breakfast and checking e-mail since there is early internet time on saturday...and there he was - our little mouse friend who to this point had eluded us completely. Not this morning. Scott and I quickly ramped up the war machine and set up an elaborate barracade completely enclosing him in the corner of the room. We set up our positions - scott with a broom and myself armed with a driver (the kind you use for golfing). Mickey- as I will affectionately call him, had taken refuge underneath 3 rugs that were piled in the corner.

Of course we took a timeout to set up the video camera.

We slowly peeled back the carpet one by one...until there was only one carpet remaining. No Mickey. At this point I was convinced that he might have pulled a houdini on us, but we decided to wail on that last remaining carpet anyways. We lifted it up and NO MICKEY. He had eluded us. But then we opened it up and found that in fact he had NOT eluded us and that we had successfully vanquished our enemy. Horray! In africa you have to do your own extermination.

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