Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Usually this term refers a women's work, but making our house a home has definitely been a team Dickenson project!   A few posts back you got to see where we started, with no electricity, no working water inside the house and some crazy wall paint.  Transformation has definitely taken place!

Josh has coordinated and overseen the installation of electricity, plumbed a new toilet, 2 sinks, and the shower, tiled our shower area, and installed our sink and washing machine (yay for no more hand washing!) and so much more.  I have painted almost every square inch of the concrete walls as well as some furniture and doors, designed a few pieces of furniture, scrubbed and cleaned more cockroach poop and lizard skeletons than you would like to know, and scrubbed and cleaned again, hung curtains, and unpacked precious wedding gifts from friends far and wide.  How blessed we are!  So many of you have been a part of that!  Thought you’d like to see how it’s turning out.

Eating area...

... next to the sitting area

Josh, very studious in the office

kitchen with newly painted cupboards inside and out!

bathroom sink

throne room

awesome shower... first time on wall tile for Josh, not to shabby!


had to take a picture of this precious thing

seeds planted in September already flowering!

sunflowers too!


DrsMyhre said...

Love your home. No longer the Tabbs or RMS, it is now the Dickensons. You have done a lovely job. May it be a place of rest and strength for you for many years to come.

Travis and Amy said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Well, done, Team Dickenson!