Sunday, December 06, 2015

The New BundiWater Office

So we are working on a new office for the BundiWater Project up at the mission community center (our main church building).  Our hope is that this office will allow Jeff and I to have a dedicated space to interact with the community, coordinate with each other, and store our water project tools.

In today's day and age, the office needs internet.  Here we are working on a data cable that will feed to a wireless bridge that will go to my house and allow the office to piggy back on my internet connection.  Instead of working on ladders 25 feet up, we decided it was easier to pull up a few roof sheets and install from the top.

[running the data cable]

[focused because I kept dropping screws]

[local electricians helping us install a lightning rod and copper grounding]
[our office with the electrical going in]

[a selfie]

All that remains to be done is install the bridge, move in the computer, print up a few engineering posters and we'll be all set.

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DrsMyhre said...

Hooray for Books for Bundi and the Water Office . . this is what the Community Center was meant to be!