Monday, October 09, 2006

Independance Day!

Today was Ugandan Independence day, so it was a national holiday. I went to Bundibugyo Town with a Ugandan friend to see some of the festivities (Bundibugyo town is like the capital of the Tallahassee for FL). It was a far cry from the firework celebrations that we have in america, but they make do. There was some good singing and a little dancing...some speeches that were way too long and a soccer match at the end (that I didn't get to see because we came back beforehand). It was actually really good that we came back because there was a really bad thunderstorm in which it hailed (i.e. Ugandan ice cubes). But I'm used to bad storms as you know we get in the good ol' FL. The shutters of the houses were really getting going, banging around and such.

One thing that you will find really interesting is the difference in the cost of living here compared to the US. Let's just say that the conversion rate is grossly in our favor. For example. Let's look at todays expenses. One boda-boda ride for two people to Bundibugyo town (about a 30 min ride). Cost: 4000 Shillings. After conversion, about $2.25. The other expense was a meal for two, Kizza and I. It was a good meal by Ugandan standards consisting of matoke, beans, rice, and goats meat (yeah it tastes like you think...I was eating it and then I was tastes very "goatee"). Cost of meal: 3600 shillings. Conversion: $2. So me being big spender on ugandan independance day, spent a wopping $4.25. Gotta love it. Of course there are some things that are expensive here...i.e. Gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.

Wow, I just watched a "daddy longleggish" type spider capture and kill and ant. He is taking it back to his "layer". You don't get that sort of entertainment in america. Also...another really cool trick is to light a candle in the middle of the room and turn of all the lights and then watch the bugs foolishly fly into it. They just make a little poof of smoke. Good times.

Ok, I have some pics of the independence day celebrations, but i will have to post them later in the week. Internet time is over, and I must finish packing for Karugutu. I will be there until thursday evening. Be praying for the project and for my interactions with the laborers, that I would represent Christ and freely share the Gospel. Grace and Peace-

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