Sunday, March 15, 2015

CSB District Tourney!

It's March Madness in Bundibugyo! Tourney time is upon us for the local secondary schools and we have jumped into the tournament full blast with all teams playing four games over the past two days. Our secondary school, Christ School Bundibugyo, has come out of the gate like a thoroughbred primed for the big race.  CSB has taken all of our matches in a big way in group play: 9-0, 10-0, 5-1, and 15-0.

It's been a joy to watch our students compete at a high level of play and to see them persevere through some physical matches and fatigue due to the very compact tournament schedule.  Enjoy some pictures from the matches.

(me with a dear friend of the mission, Mr. Mubuliya, and our Head Teacher at CSB on the right)

(Sarah - our head of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children program at CSB and our Head Teacher enjoying our big scores)

(Was able to capture this PK that closed out our third match 5-1)

(And yes, there was great celebration)


weakdave said...

I'ma big soccer fan, and those are impressive wins. Maybe one day you'll be able to live stream big games for fans here in the States. :)

Susan McMillan said...

who is that handsome man in the Adidas jacket?....Wait,that's my dad.

DrsMyhre said...

Celebrate wherever you can! So glad you are taking pictures. Miss this.