Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cross continent and country

We have been back in Bundibugyo for about 2 weeks now.  There is nothing like sleeping in our own bed, the familiar hum of the fan.  In April Serge had an East Africa Retreat in Kenya, an amazing time of training and spiritual and physical refreshment for which we are thankful.  Kenya being our neighbor country we decided to drive.  However travel in the developing world is never quite as efficient as the high speed interstate in the US.  But it is always an adventure.  This travel of  over 1000 kilometers (about 650 miles) to Nairobi via road, then another 500 km by air to the coast took us about 6 days (there and back) of moving. I have so happy to get to stop off in Kijabe and students and friends from my time teaching at RVA.  Met up with some friends in Nairobi and was able to take a few vacation days at the coast with friends. Here is a little documentation the safari...
Bundibugyo road... enjoying a clear day and beautiful Rwenzoris

Sugar cane fields of Jinja Uganda, getting closer to the boarder.
sugar cane in transport

Crossing the River Nile dam in Jinja just near lake Victoria.

Amazing driver husband! Always so focused!

Our traveling companions Isingoma and Christine.  Still smiling, (this was taken before our almost 2 hour stop trying to get through the boarder.)  Though I am pretty sure they were cheerful the whole way!

Definitely a change in scenery as we crossed into a drier Kenya.

Far stretching land and sky!  Just Beautiful

Pine forest, and look at that road... where are we again?
Mt. Longonot, which can be seen from RVA.
Wonderful to see long time family friends Annemarie and Mark in Nairobi just before we flew to the coast for the Serge Conference
Beautiful, restful Dianni

Fun restaurant in old coastal caves 

And great company in Karis and Steven
And then to hit the road again for the 3 day trip back to Bundibugyo

Through the pine forest again up at an altitude of over 8,000 ft.  The sheep adding to the pastoral scene.

Zebra... you know just grazing by the side of the road
and warthogs
and donkey carts too.

Beautiful lakes

Eucalyptus avenues

into the dry plains

Scenic lunch stop
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onward to the mountains and Eldama ravine our night spot off at 9,000ft.

Early start day 2

Oh the road work!

back into Uganda... now that's a lot of sugar cane.
We arrived in Kampala just in time for rush hour, after being in the car since 6:30 am.  Grocery shopping hurriedly done, a short sleep then  seven hours back to Bundibugyo for a water meeting for Josh the following day.  It felt like the rest and refreshment of the trip was sapped away, but God is faithful to remind us of the work he has done in our hearts and we are full of wonder at his creation that we got to witness.

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